Gold € Month

Suited for Larger Enterprises

Targeted for use on Search, Display, Video & Mobile

Estimated for 1,600 clicks

Silver € Month

Suited to SME’s and larger

Target for use in Search and Display Networks

Estimated for 1100 clicks

Bronze € Month

Suited to SME’s

Targeted for use on Search Network

Estimated for 400 clicks

With Pay-Per-Click, our packages provide total campaign management.

Included within the above package structures are the following features:
  • The initial campaign set-up (including analytics links)
  • Full keywords research and recommendations
  • Google AdWords creation (including extensions/site-links as needed)
  • Google Network Display ads
  • Budget setting (cpc maximum bid settings)
  • Ad scheduling/target areas
  • Ongoing performance reviews (bid adjustments, scheduling tweaks, etc),
  • Full reports prepared and presented