Pay Per Click Ireland are happy to create packages for all companies who need to invest in Paid Advertising, whether it is on Meta’s Facebook or Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft Including Bing & Yahoo, YouTube or TikTok. The digital landscape is growing faster than businesses can keep up and the reality is your competitors are engaging more and more.

When your competitors are spending more, especially in the pay-to-play world of PPC, you are allowing your competition to monopolise certain keywords, which certainly won’t help your CTR (click through rate) or CPA (cost per acquisition) on your current budget. If your budget is evenly dispersed throughout the month — and say, the campaign generates 100 clicks, If you’re able to lower the CPC down 50% by account optimisation and competitive analysis, then you will double your traffic without increasing your budget. Increasing your budget by a factor of two would increase clicks by a factor of four. Doubling down on wins is a great way to make sure your company is the one monopolising these keywords.

Any PPC or CRO expert will tell you that the root of all success in paid advertising comes from diligent campaigning. Speak to our team today to create a package that suits your business and let us show you how we communicate value. Send us an email at [email protected]